101 in 1001:

01. visit my nephew jeremy at college and let him show me around his new surroundings.
02. make an effort to be more playful with jess.
03. send a care package for no reason.
04. take emma for a walk in the woods.
05. explore the possibilities of renewing old friendships.
06. write a series of "do not open until..." letters for my kids.
07. invite a new friend out for coffee.
08. do something with just matt at least once a month.
09. make a quality friend.
10. write jess a love letter.
make that darn tee shirt quilt for matt.

use the rosetta stone software we have to learn spanish.
take a guitar lesson.
let matt teach me some html.
buy & read a photoshop book.
let someone teach me to knit.

start a curiosities collection.
make (most) of my christmas gifts this year.

make a jar for sweet & funny things emma says.
take my camera out for the day and take some photos.
make some mail art.
take a few self portraits.(I have started and consequently stopped this one...to be continued. maybe)
submit some work to sommerset magazine(s).

take a trip, just jess and i.
go on an old fashioned family road trip.
start saving for an overseas or volunteer trip.
take emma and matt camping.
spend christmas in a cabin in the mountains

clean out our storage room(s).
pare down emmas toys.
find a desk or something that works for my crafts.
go through the folder from my hard drive crash.
sort, back up, and tag photos.
get my hard drive cleaned up so i can find stuff.

work on redesigning the look of my other etsy shop.
design an ad spot for both shops.
pitch to popular blogs & sites to get my shop name(s) "out there".
don't buy anything trivial for myself for a month.
push for 1000 sold items by the first of the year.
establish more defined work hours.
waste less time on etsy.
increase total shop sales by 50%.
start a newsletter and mailing list.

stop eating fast food.
take some time for myself every couple of months.
read a book a month.
run 3 miles 3 times a week.
look into yoga instructor training possibilities.
learn to soulfully listen.
run in a 5k.

volunteer in the community.
develop a relationship with our "adopted grandparent".
be mindful of the needs of others.
do something nice and don't tell anyone.
sew a donation for goods for girls.

join a mail swap.
blog 4 times a week minimum.
take the bellydance class at the gym.
go to a scrapbook crop.
make a dvd of family videos and send a copy to everyone.
write a children's book for emma.
make 1000 origami cranes. For luck, you know.

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